A Level Music tuition

The A Level Music course attracts talented young musicians from all over the country. Individual lessons are available online and face-to-face. Based in Hampshire, UK.

The course is aimed at able musicians who wish to take A level music privately. Good pre-existing music skills are required alongside a commitment to completing coursework and tasks set to help prepare for a written examination.

I prefer students to be approximately Grade 7 upwards on an instrument or voice and to have at least Grade 5 Music Theory. GCSE Music (Edexcel Specification) is also preferred.

The AQA A level specification will be followed and I can facilitate an entry through Faregos Home Education Exam Centre. It is usual to study this course over two years. Continuing with the higher Music Theory Grades (6-8) at the same time would be hugely beneficial.

There are three components; appraising (40%), performance (35%) and composing (25%).

For the appraising component students are required to study the Western Classical Tradition 1650-1910 (Area of Study 1). I focus on the Baroque Solo Concerto and the Piano Music of Chopin, Brahms and Grieg for the detailed analysis. The general characteristics and style of Mozart operas are also covered. 

Students are required to study two further topics. I currently offer Art Music Since 1910 and a choice of Jazz or Musical Theatre. Students need to present solo and or ensemble performances of 10 minutes duration.

Performances are captured as recordings between 1st March and 1st May in the year of entry. The individual pieces making up the 10 minute recital can be recorded at different times.

Two compositions are required; one a free composition and the other a set brief composition or two Bach Chorales. The combined composition time must last four and a half minutes minimum and six minutes maximum. The composition component for AQA is entirely coursework/no exam.