Piano tuition

Piano tuition face-to-face or online from a highly qualified musician.

The piano is a polyphonic instrument capable of rich and complex harmonies notated in both the treble and bass clef and is more challenging to master than instruments notated in just one clef. I therefore generally consider the type of individual piano tuition I offer as an excellent and rewarding activity for the more academically able younger child and otherwise for learners 9+. I use the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, the world’s leading examination body for music for my students who choose to take this route.

I aim to develop independent learners capable of deciphering for themselves what is on a music score. My teaching methods are thorough and I deliver high quality music lessons where learners become fluent readers of conventional music notation, generating the freedom to be able to express music. I do accept pupils transferring from other teachers when a space is available, but do not support learning by numbers or colours as it does not promote independent learning and the level of music literacy I feel is important to prioritise. I have high standards and believe in learning a skill properly.


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