Classical Guitar Tuition

Classical guitar tuition in person or online from a highly qualified professional classical guitarist. Based in Hampshire, UK.

You will receive classical guitar tuition from a highly qualified professional classical guitarist.

I have dedicated years to the development of a sound classical guitar technique, using the instrument to express music in an engaging way, with a beautiful tone, understanding of musical principles and attention to detail as part of my speciality. In the confusing area of guitar teaching, I provide the type of classical guitar playing studied at the leading music conservatoires and examined by the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music and Trinity Guildhall, not electric guitar or acoustic guitar solely from tablature.

I provide a thorough music education for all levels, where learners become fluent readers of conventional music notation and establish good technique, thereby generating the freedom to be able to express music. I have high standards and believe in learning a skill properly. If learners develop a classical guitar technique and a high level of music literacy, they can then branch into other styles, with greater understanding at a later stage if they wish to do so.




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