Alyssa Mantel-Cooper

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Debbie has been teaching me for over 10 years both inside primary school as well as outside lessons. She has taught me the recorder from the very basics all the way up to grade 8 and beyond. She has enabled me to develop into an accomplished young musician, achieving grade 8 distinction as well as receiving a numerous awards at the Portsmouth Music festival 3 years in a row; all of which would not have been possible without Debbie’s amazing teaching techniques and her inspirational enthusiasm for the recorder and music.  Debbie has always made the lessons exciting, from karate recorder at the to messing around with different flutter tonguing for my diploma. Her whacky ways of teaching really brings out the fun side of  playing the recorder and thanks to this my passion for the recorder stemmed from so early on. Debbie has really helped me achieve my full potential as she always stretches me with the hardest music; I would never have imagined of being able to play Czardas by Monti (at full speed) in front of a full auditorium at the  Portsmouth Gala concert, but thanks to Debbie’s hard work and determination I pulled it off! Not only has Debbie taught me the recorder she has helped me develop into an all rounded musician by teaching me music theory form grade 1 to 5. She also helped me hugely with the ideas for my music GCSE compositions which I gained full marks in, achieving the highest mark they have ever had at my school! Debbie is always willing to help out and give up her time to give extra lessons- she often gave me extra aural lessons before an exam which were so useful as this is the part I find the hardest!  Without Debbie, my recorder playing as well as musical understanding would definitely not be at the level it is today.