Archie Hewson

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I have had GCSE Music & Grade 5 Theory lessons from Debbie for the past academic year, & I have learned an immense amount in an entertaining way in these classes.
Before having lessons with Debbie I’d done more or less no Music Theory at all; &  in roughly the space of one term, she took me from Grade 1 to 63/75 (a good merit) in Grade 5 Theory.
This is mainly because she is a highly interactive tutor, always asking for our opinions, examples & regularly testing us on vocabulary & other related content.
Her lessons are always well presented & well structured. She goes out of her way to fill her slides with on point material presented in an enticing & memorable way. Personally, this helps her stand out as a exceptional teacher.
In spite of Covid-19 causing quite an idiosyncratic year, Debbie has offered exceptional teaching and extraordinarily, we experienced no notable tech-related issues. From what I experienced Debbie has, amazingly, adapted flexibly to this scenario & has put hours & hours into outstanding, in depth resources for both courses I did!
She is always very prompt with lesson timings & responds to any queries swiftly with personalised and thorough feedback.
Overall, I felt expertly supported and inspired by Debbie as a tutor & would therefore highly recommend her.