Peter Skuce

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Obviously my daughter is a talented musician, otherwise I would not have contemplated putting her in for GCSE Music early. But four years early!? That seemed like a tall order, even for a pushy parent such as myself.
Luckily, we met Debbie.
Debbie, as well as being an accomplished practising instrumentalist herself, has a forensically thorough understanding of the Music GCSE requirements, which she has built up over her years of teaching experience. She has dissected every detail of what they are looking for and put together a course that delivers, in bite-sized pieces, exactly what is needed to succeed in the exam. What’s more, she delivers this precisely tailored knowledge in an engaging and professional¬†manner. Thanks to Debbie, this morning we learned that my daughter had achieved a top grade Music GCSE.
We were very lucky to find Debbie and can only give her the very highest recommendation. Cheers Debbie!