Theo Mantel-Cooper

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Debbie has been teaching me since the age of 6 years, first in recorder, then music theory and now piano. She makes the lessons fun, such as Karate recorder where we had to learn and play recorder pieces of increasing difficulty, earning different coloured ‘belts’ like Karate. I continued with the ABRSM descent recorder exams and had passed Grade 5 by the age of 9! Debbie helped me with music theory, breaking it down into small chunks and setting and marking practice papers. This helped me to work my way quickly through the grades achieving merits and distinctions and Grade 5 by 10 years old. Debbie now teaches me piano and always finds  interesting pieces for me to play. She helps improve my technique and timing and is positive and enthusiastic, even if I haven’t done as much practice as I should have! She keeps me motivated and working towards my Grade 7 next term. She has also helped me prepare for 11+ music Scholarships, helping select appropriate pieces and ensuring I was at the required standard ( i was offered 3 music Scholarships) Debbie is also keen to help out in any way musically, including accompanying me on my flute to give me extra practice before exams and tips on rhythm and musicality, as well as practice for the oral part of my music exams. I have really flourished under her tutorage and can thoroughly recommend her as an excellent teacher who helps students achieve high standards and music results.