Pre-GCSE Music Appreciation Course for Children (Ages 7-11)

Preparation for my GCSE Music Courses 11+

Booking now open for September 2023

Mondays @ 9-10 am

£12.50 per hour

This course is targeted towards students who would like to study GCSE Music and would like a year to prepare for this. Above all a ‘feel-good’ weekly offer for home educated children who would like to add a creative subject to their curriculum. It would suit children who play an instrument or sing.

During the course students will;

  1. An introduction to composing and the music software package Sibelius.
  2. Learn to recognise the various instruments of the orchestra.
  3. Develop subject specific vocabulary related to the musical elements (dynamics, rhythm, tempo, metre, structure, instrumentation, texture, harmony and tonality). 
  4. Learn about the Music Basics (music notation) and work through ABRSM Music Theory (early grades) where appropriate.

I loosely follow the National Curriculum Attainment Targets for Key Stage 3 but will be working at a higher level and introducing some of the skills required for GCSE Music.



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