AS Level Music tuition

The AS Level Music course attracts talented young musicians from all over the country. Individual lessons are available online and face-to-face.

Based in Hampshire, UK.

The course is aimed at able musicians who wish to take AS level music privately. It is a useful qualification for musicians taking three other A levels who would like to continue with some music studies. I also strongly recommend younger talented students (ages 13-15) with GCSE Music spend time on AS Music before launching into the full A level. It provides an opportunity to work on composition skills alongside some advanced music theory. The same set works for the full A Level are studied at AS Level, just less of them.

Good pre-existing music skills are required alongside a commitment to completing coursework and tasks set to help prepare for a written examination.  I prefer students to be approximately Grade 6 upwards on an instrument or voice and to have at least Grade 5 Music Theory. GCSE Music (Edexcel Specification) is also preferred. The AQA A level specification will be followed and I can facilitate an entry through Faregos Home Education Exam Centre. 

It is usual to study this course over one-two years depending on age. Continuing with the higher Music Theory Grades (6-8) at the same time would be hugely beneficial.

There are three components; appraising (40%), performance (35%) and composing (25%). For the appraising component students are required to study the Western Classical Tradition 1650-1910 (Area of Study 1). I focus on the Baroque Solo Concerto for the detailed analysis. The general characteristics and style of Mozart operas are also covered.  Students are required to study one further topic. I currently offer a choice of Jazz or Musical Theatre.

Students need to present solo and or ensemble performances of 6 minutes duration. Performances are captured as recordings between 1st March and 1st May in the year of entry. The individual pieces making up the 6 minute recital can be recorded at different times.

One composition is required, either a free composition or a set brief composition/Bach Chorales. The composition time must last at least two and a half minutes minimum. The composition component for AQA is entirely coursework/no exam.



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