Solo Baroque Concerto – A level (AQA) J.S.Bach Study Guides


AQA A level Music: The Baroque Concerto – Bach Study Guides

This resource consists of three Bach power points, one for each movement.
The score is annotated and because each slide has an accompanying audio, the aspect of the element being discussed can be instantly heard in action. Really helpful for delivery by a teacher, but also designed for my online course enabling independent study.

A level students will need to have a clear overview of how the musical elements are being used and how they link to the Baroque Concerto as a whole.

Movement 1: Allegro
Movement 2: Andante
Movement 3: Allegro assai

If you have any problems with this resource please contact me. They were created on a MacBook Pro using Keynote and have been converted for use on a PC as a power point. You may want the Keynote versions, so just let me know.


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