‘Fransk Serenade’ / French Serenade, Op.62/3 by Edvard Grieg


These guitar transcriptions are based on ‘Edition Peters’ publications. My intention has been to make them as idiomatic as possible without deviating too much from Grieg’s piano scores. All original expression marks have been retained, with the exception of staccato inside pedal markings. Such ‘soft staccatos’ are marked with an arrow head sign. Dotted slurs are also editorial. Guitarists should otherwise be aware of the commonly ad lib use of pedal in piano playing and therefore not always treat e.g. written rests too literally.

All transcriptions are recorded on VEPS LP/MC 013-87 and VEPS CD 028-90 by the undersigned. Single tracks are also in the shop to download.

Arne Brattland


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