Lullaby by Debra Adamson-Brattland (Complete Recording: Mp3’s)


‘This CD is a tribute to Arne Brattland, my husband and best friend who sadly passed away December 2020. Arne left us with a legacy of compositions and arrangements which I turned to for comfort, playing his new Philip Woodfield guitar ‘Heidi’ (2020). Later came some works in memory of Arne and arrangements of other songs and pieces connected to him. They brought a sense of calm, a feeling of closeness to Arne and helped me to gradually process the loss. Let’s say it has been very much the case that ‘Music expresses that which cannot be put into words’ – Victor Hugo. The imagery for this recording is from Mo i Rana in Northern Norway where we lived happily together for many years and where our daughter Heidi was born’.

1. Arne Brattland: Lullaby
Edvard Grieg – arr. Arne Brattland
2. Melodie, Op.47, No.3
3. Springdans, Op.38, No.5
4. Elegie, Op.38, No.6
5. Vals, Op.12, No.2
6. Joseph Kosma: Autumn Leaves – arr. Carlos Bonell
7. Robert Burns: My Love is Like a Red, Red Rose – arr. Carlos Bonell, after Eva Cassidy
Agustín Barrios Mangoré: La Catedral
8. Preludio saudade
9. Andante religioso
10. Allegro solemne
11. Armand Coeck: La Caravan
12. Lennon and McCartney: Because – arr. Carlos Bonell
13. Lennon and McCartney: Blackbird – arr. by Debra Adamson-Brattland and Carlos Bonell
14. Carlos Bonell: Advent Musikk – Variations On A Theme by Arne Brattland
15. Arne Brattland: Waltz for Debbie *
16. Arne Brattland: September Song *
17. Carlos Bonell: A Baroque Portrait – ‘in memory of Arne Brattland (1955-2020)’
18. Gerald Garcia: Hallingkast – ‘to Arne Brattland, Sov godt, min venn’
*with Carlos Bonell


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